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Sport and School Fundraisers

My Sports Decals offers a completely risk-free way to fundraise for your organization. All orders are placed right on our secure website, which means you don't have to carry any inventory!

Five Steps to Success

1.  Contact Jennifer Burke via email or phone (609-575-1744) to let us know when you'd like your fundraiser to start.

2. After we receive your logo via email, we'll create your online Team Store and full color flier for you to hand out to parents FREE OF CHARGE!

3. If you require new artwork, we will also waive the graphic design fee when opening a Team Store.

4. Hand out your fliers and send reminders throughout your fundraising period to boost your sales!

  • 5. When the fundraiser selling period ends, we will ship your items and profit check to your fundraiser organizer. FREE shipping on orders over $50! Each order is bagged individually with the customer invoice, making distribution a breeze!

Decal SamplePricing and Information

No Hidden Costs! The prices you see are what you get!

  • -Free graphic design work
  • -Free full color flier to hand out to your team or school
  • -Free individual packaging
  • -Free shipping (on orders over $50)
  • -You set your selling price for your Team Store. Wholesale prices are your only cost and will automatically be deducted from your selling price, which means no money to collect and mail to us.  

You can also buy non-personalized decals or magnets in bulk and sell at your convenience:

Email us your team logo and choose full color vinyl or magnet. Choose the number of decals you would like to sell and we will mail them to you. See our wholesale price list  for our affordable pricing. After you receive your order, you set your sales price and sell your products. Most fundraisers see a 40-60% profit. Call 609-575-1744 or email Jennifer at today to get started on your fundraiser!

Our high quality decals and magnets can be applied to a metallic vehicle surface. You can also apply our magnets to items such as lockers or fridges. You can order personalized vehicle sport magnets in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your application.  

Displayed on vehicles, our quality vinyl decals are applied to the outside of your windows, ensuring high visibility even on tinted glass. You can also apply our decals to items such as lockers, mirrors, walls and even use them in your scrapbook! You can order personalized vehicle sport decals in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your application.

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